OK. So you’re not too sure what you should get.

You don’t want to get something too small, but you also don’t want to get something way too complex and spend twice as much as you need to.
So here’s what we’ve done. Listed below is five different occasions and what we would recommend for each.

If you have a DJ ask them to help you choose a Powersound System. We have the same equipment that is used on live NZ radio,
major dance parties around the country, and even the DMC World DJ Championships. Whatever your requirements, Powersound can do it!

The Corporate Chrismas party, 250 people and a DJ
System price $450

SL1200 mk5
DJM 600
Speaker system

Almost every DJ will request Technics SL1200 turntables – so thats what they get. Add to that a speaker system that is powerful enough to fill a large venue
This system can produce a huge volume of music all night long but also delivers crystal playback during speaches etc.Add one of our microphones to this system for only $12

Party at Your Place.

How easy is this?
We supply the speakers and the lead that goes from our speakers into your notebook headphone socket.

So plug your notebook into our speakers and you are up and running!
The 500W speakers are great for parties up to around 60 people while the 700W speakers are ideal up to about 130 people.

So how much will that cost me?


The monster 800-screaming-kids school ball featuring the head boy as DJ
System price = $480

Numark Axis9
Numark DMX06
Speaker system

This system can easily take a large school hall or venue up to nightclub level and keep it there all night long.
Huge thumping bass that hits you in the chest and sound levels that mean you have to scream to be heard – Exactly what the youth of today want.
Add to that a 24 bit digital CD based DJ console complete with all the goodies a DJ would ever need.
Make it a night they will never forget!
Add one of our microphones to this system for only $12