Which areas do you cover?
We have bases in both Auckland and Wellington, but have supplied equipment for functions all over the North Island and even a few in the South Island and one in the Chatham Islands! We are flexible and have shipped equipment to events when needed.

Do all the prices include GST?
Yes .

Do you deliver and set up?
Quite often. Though there will be an extra charge for this, as Auckland traffic is pretty bad and we don’t have an electric van (yet!).

I want to hire something but I don’t have any photo ID
Bring along your Gran or someone who does.They will have to sign the contract and be the Hiree. We accept passports, drivers licenses or other government (of New Zealand) issued photo ID.

How is the power rated on your speakers & amps?
All Speaker Systems are rated as RMS, the most conservative rating system. A RMS rating is half that of “music power” or “Program” and about a quarter that of “Peak” ratings eg: our 500W RMS systems are also rated at 1000W Program or 2000W peak.

What is the bond on equipment hired?
There is a $100 cash or Credit Card bond required for most items.
The large speaker systems such as the 1200W B-52 Matrix 2000 or the 2000W B-52 Matrix 3000 (ACT1515) require a $400 cash bond or a swipe of a credit card.
If equipment is damaged in any way while in your care this bond will be used towards repair of the item. If repairs are over $100/$400 then you will be charged extra.

Is the equipment insured?
You must arrange insurance for loss or damage, or check that it is covered under your “House and Contents” insurance policy. If the gear is stolen while under your care you have to pay for it.

What happens if the Noise Control police take the gear?
Your party will dive.
PLUS you must pay the fine when you collect the gear from the Council. Plus you have to continue to pay us the daily rate of hire until the gear is returned. Basically as long as we don’t have it, you are hiring it.

What are your hours?
We are flexible, but please call first before turning up.

I got it home and I can’t get it going.
Don’t feel bad, I can’t program a DVD recorder.
There are manuals for pretty much everything on the website, otherwise, feel free to give us a call!

Ok then how big are the systems?
Well. The 500W phonic systems will fit in your Mums mini
The Matrix 1000 system will fit in a normal size car
The Matrix 2000 and ACT1515 will need at least Uncle Johns station wagon

But what if, what if, if, ummmmm?
If you have any other questions just give us a call (021 1141048) – or try that new fangled electrical mail –