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iPod/Phone based Party System

Phone + Speaker Adapter
Speaker Systems

This system is loud enough for about 75 people
*** iPods not included ***

Have device, will party

How easy is this?
We supply the speakers and the lead that goes from our speakers into your device’s headphone socket.

So plug your notebook into our speakers and you are up and running!
The 500W speakers are great for parties up to around 60 people while the 700W speakers are ideal up to about 120 people.

So how much will that cost me?


Want a microphone and a bit more control?
Then simply add one of our baby mixers and a mic.
Once again we supply all the leads. Plug your notebook into the mixer, the mixer into our speakers and you’re up and running!

So how much with a mixer and mic?

More about the mixer…
This mixer will take the signal from the notebook headphone socket and send it to any of our speaker systems.
A balanced mic input with 3 way eq means you can also make speeches or have vocals mixed on top of the music.
Balanced inputs and outputs coupled with audiophile pre-amps result in a very clear, noise-free sound

  • 24-bit digital mixing
  • Audiophile-quality mic preamps & ultra low noise
  • 1 mic/line and 2 stereo channels
  • 2-Band EQ on mono input channel
  • 2T RTN & 2T REC for CD or tape recorder
  • Dual 4-segment master level meter
  • Headphones output with volume control
  • Peak LED on mono input channel
  • Balanced master output