A Birthday to Remember

Miriam’s lounge (yep, this is all inside somebody’s house) was turned into a nightclub with the help of a few lights and Lasers from Powersound.

She started early in the evening with the waterlight to create atmosphere without being to “in your face”
As the evening progressed the Twinkling Laser and Crazy Balls were added.
The 5pack Laser, Blue Laser and Green Laser came on at 11 completely stunning everyone.

Pricing for the full system is shown at the bottom of the page

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Early in the night a waterlight moving across the ceiling creates great atmosphere without being too bright or flashy
The waterlight rolling through a range of colours with a rippling water effect
Looking into the twinkling laser which was used extensively to create firework effects on the ceiling

A single set of Crazy Balls mounted close to the ceiling creates a lot of colour and movement Things are warming up. Crazy Balls in the middle, Sound to light chaser on the left hand side and Twinkling Laser throwing fireworks on the ceiling. Looking into the Twinkling Laser while it is in red mode

Green Laser into the crowd and Twinkling Laser on the ceiling Prisma light to the left, 5Pack Laser to the right and Twinkling Laser on the ceiling Everything off and let the blue Laser have a go

Looking into the 5Pack Laser and Twinkling Laser on the ceiling The Blue Laser looks great when used in conjunction with a Green Laser Looking into the 5Pack Laser with Twinkles on the ceiling
2x Lighting stands $30
2x Sound to Light chasers $50
Crazy Balls $45
Twinkling Laser $65
Green Laser $55
Blue Laser $125
5Pack Laser $125
Smoke Machine $55
Total inc GST $500