2000W RMS B-52 Matrix 3000 system

2000W B-52 system


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    Possibly the most powerful pair of Active Speakers in the country.

    "The mobile DJ's dream - Simply power on, plug in your mixer and 2000W is up and going"

    The B52 Matrix3000 is a 2000W RMS, dual 15� two-way system, perfect for large venues or mobile entertainers who want the ultimate in power/size ratio. The B52 Matrix3000 (ACT1515) full-range system is capable of producing rich, clear sound at the most extreme Sound Pressure Levels.
    The Matrix3000 amplifiers employ sophisticated circuitry including four stages of equalization, a built-in compressor, limiter and short circuit / over-current protection.
    Feedback resistant. Overload resistant

  • Made in the USA
  • Class H Amplifier with 2-stage power supply
  • 1000 Watts RMS per channel
  • Sensitivity: 102dB @ 1W, 1M
  • Max system SPL: 136dB - (yes, that is huge)
  • Frequency response: 35-19,000 Hz
  • Rated THD: 0.03%
  • Built-in compressor-limiter 4-stage equalization
  • Amplifier S/N ratio = 100dB A-weighted
  • XLR balanced input & output
  • Amplifier thermal & short circuit protection
  • Signal sensing circuitry with LED indicators
  • Tilt-Back handle & 3�

  • Transporting
    These speakers are too large for a car. To move this speaker system you will need either a station wagon or ute
    Dimensions (looking at the front of the speaker)
    Width: 54cm
    Height: 124cm
    Depth: 47cm
    Weight (per speaker) 70kg - 2 man lift

    Hearing Damage Warning
    B-52 Pro-Audio speakers can produce sound levels high enough to cause permanent hearing damage. If it hurts, it is definitely too loud.
    Repeated long-term exposure to high SPLs can and WILL CAUSE PERMANENT HEARING LOSS!

    To promote sensible use these speakers require $400 cash or a credit card as bond.
    Please see the Q & A for further details.

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