Numark DMX06

Numark DMX06


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    Make a filter pulse to the groove. Fade in tape echo that hits the beat perfectly. Give a shout-out through the vocoder. The DXM06 features 12 DSP effects´┐Żall certified for total DJ vibe enhancement. Work the Beat Sync Tap Button, wet/dry fader, parameter knob, and illuminated FX selector. For DJ effects that inspire like no others, mix with the DXM06.

  • 24-bit digital mixing
  • 12 effects (6 effects for ch1/ch2, 6 effects for mic/aux), routable to ch1,ch2,mic/aux or master
  • FX interface: beat sync tap button, wet/dry fader, rotary parameter control
  • Noise-free digital mixing controls
  • Steep 3-band EQ with kill switches
  • 2 phono (w/phono defeat switch)/2 line inputs, 1 mic/stereo aux input
  • High quality D-TYPE 100% digital crossfader with reverse switch and continuous rotary slope control
  • Look-ahead peak limiting on headphone and master outputs
  • RCA record output and balanced master output

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