Pioneer DDJ-S1 Serato Itch DJ Equipment.

Pioneer and Serato collaborate to produce a truly professional Itch controller with all the familar Pioneer CDJ controls and quality

Numark CDmix 2



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  • Serato Itch Website

    Leave Your CD's At Home

    Think of it as two CDJ1000's with control disks, a Pioneer mixer and a Rane Scratch live box all in one. An easier way to DJ better.

    No speakers
    1200W Matrix 2000 $400
    2000W $460
    3600W $680

    So do this.
    1 - You've got all your tunes as MP3's in iTunes on your notebook.
    2 - Download and install Serato Itch on your notebook.
    3 - Plug the DDJ1 into your notebook via USB (thats your notebook you see in the picture, the keyboard slips under DDJ)
    The DDJ now controls your files similar to Serato Scratch Live and a RANE mixer.

    Great Features
  • Familiar feel of Pioner CDJ1000 mk3's
  • No need for control disks
  • Extra AUX input for iPod or CDJ
  • Two mic inputs
  • Quality you have come to expect from Pioneer
  • Notebook keyboard slides under DDJFull Serato Itch interface
  • Large professional interface

  • A Couple of Hints
  • You need Serato Itch 1.8 or later (Free here)
  • Use Itch to prepare your music in offline mode before you plug in the DDJ

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