Ultra Portable Rechargable 70W PA System $180 / night

70W rechargable system
70W rechargable system


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  • The unplugged, go anywhere sound system with wireless mic.

    Whether its a trade show, team building day at the beach or a speciality event, this little beauty is just the ticket.
    The AWA50 features a 70W amp and speaker, CD player, high quality wireless microphone and internal heavy duty rechargable battery.
    Play CDs. Make speaches. Plug in a iPod or Guitar - Anywhere you want!

  • 70W Amp and Speaker
  • Built in CD player
  • High quality wireless microphone
  • Rechargable battery (up to 4 hours runtime)
  • 2 extra microphone inputs
  • Extra AUX inputs
  • Supplied with speaker pole
  • Supplied with 25m power cable



    8 Channel mixer with 500W speaker system $200 / night

    Phonic 8 channel mixer Phonic 500W active speakers


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  • Versatility, Power and Clarity

    If you are speaking to a large audience or require greater control of your environment then this is the package for you.
    500W of power means you can easily fill a medium/large hall, and the extended controls on each mic channel allows you to make it sound just the way you want.

  • Control 4 mics and 4 stereo channels
  • Supplied with speaker poles
  • Microphones available

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